Friday Faves 04.06.12

So, Easter is just two days away. Anne's basket will be overflowing. She had a great egg hunt last week and we will be hitting another tomorrow!

Dinner on Sunday will be at my Sister-on-Law's so I don't have to clean my house or anything. It is our turn to provide breakfast at church, however, so I need to make 100 or so breakfast burritos tomorrow.

Some great finds this week:


Monday's Menu - 04.02.12

This week will be a little quiet with only preparations for Easter to distract from the daily grind. Anne and I hope to dye LOTS of eggs this week!

  • Monday: Sigma Alpha night so no dinner plans.
  • Tuesday: Smoked pork loin with cherry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, & garlic bread
  • Wednesday: Pinterest Fave Melt in Your Mouth Chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, and apple wedges
  • Thursday: Dinner out between 4-H meeting and church
  • Friday: Grilled steak and veggie kabobs, brown rice pilaf and orange slices
  • Saturday: Breakfast for dinner - Pancakes!

Anne loves pancakes. If ever we ask her what to make for breakfast, her answer will always be pancakes. I will try to post the family recipe and my scaled modifications for different sized groups here.

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