Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice

With a quick overnight followed by a day-trip this week, I spent some time over the weekend exploring new one-pot dishes looking for some new options. I found the motherlode at Yellow Bliss Road. Quite a few of her creations have been added to my Pinterest boards this week. Kristin's Lemon Chicken & Broccoli Rice was a shoe-in for this week's menu as I knew I had fresh lemons nearing the end of their shelf life. My original plan was to make the recipe as published, but I didn't have all the ingredients so my modified version follows.

It happened to work that three of my favorite Penzy's products found their way into this dish. My relationship with Penzy's is simply that I am a customer. They did not sponsor or compensate me in any way for this post. I have discovered many blends that have made their way into my regular rotation and found their products to be of high, consistent quality at a price that works for my budget. I happen to have a store not all that far away and have visited there a couple of times each year for about a decade now.

Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice

Serves 4

1 lb. boneless chicken, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 tbs. extra virgin olive oil
1 1/2 c. rice or mixed grains (for this rendition I used mixed rice, oat, barley, wheat and spelt)
1 tbs. Penzy's Onions Toasted Minced
1 1/3 c. chicken broth
Juice of 2 lemons
1 tsp. Penzy's Lemon Peel Powder
1 tsp. Penny's French Four Spice
Steamed mixed veggies
  • Heat the oil in a small Dutch oven. Add the chicken and cook over medium heat until browned.
  • Add the rice or mixed grains. Toast in the oil until golden.
  • Add the broth, lemon juice and spices. Cover and cook following the grain package directions.
  • Prepare steamed veggies (or reheat leftovers).
  • Serve separately or combine chicken and rice mixture with vegetables.

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