Dinner This Week - 01.10.2016

This week is a little mixed-up from what its original plan entailed. A family funeral substantially altered my trip to Western Nebraska for work so we might get to eat some o the things I planned last week and we didn't get to. A combination of unexpected sales at the grocery store (this always happens when I go somewhere unplanned and different) and changes in evening plans.

Ham, turkey or big roast tip: I like smaller cutting boards that fit in my dishwasher, but they don't collect the juices so I put the cutting board in a half-sheet pan to keep the mess contained.
Sunday - Intensive Effort
Baked Ham
Roasted Baby Potatoes
Green Beans
Apple Crisp
Monday - Soup/Sandwich/Salad
This week we have visitation for the funeral and Jr. FLL practice so I am not making a plan. Dinner out or leftovers will suit us just fine.
Tuesday - Slow Cooker
Ham and Beans
Wednesday - International
I'll be out of town so frozen pizza
Thursday - Leftovers (Refashioned, if possible)
Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
Friday - Grill Night
Leftovers this week.
Saturday - Dinner Out

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