Dinner this Week - January 3, 2016

So, I took a break from dinner planning, and our consumption of pizza, scrambled eggs and takeout for dinner has increased. Our consumption of vegetables has diminished. To kick of 2016, I want to get back on track.

To ease in planning, I like to have theme or category nights ... not too complicated so there is a guide, but still a lot of flexibility. Yes, we grill year-round. :)

Sunday - Intensive Effort
Lasagna plus extra for the freezer
Tossed Salad
Apple Pie
Monday - Soup/Sandwich/Salad
This week we have Jr. FLL practice so I'll make the soup on Sunday to be ready to heat as everyone is ready for dinner.
Turkey Cauliflower Soup - From The Pioneer Woman plus cooked, chopped turkey
Sliced Apples
Tuesday - Slow Cooker
Creamy Chicken Ravioli
Wednesday - International
Leftover Lasagna
Garlic Bread
Thursday - Leftovers (Refashioned, if possible)
USA Volleyball Tickets!
Leftover Soup
Sliced Apples
Friday - Grill Night
USA Volleyball Tickets!
Dinner out this week
Saturday - Dinner Out

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